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The Business of Fashion Design

10 week 2- hour sessions

When the fashion show is over, the real work of production starts. The students need to understand the next steps. This course is designed to explain and demonstrate the process of production so that they can produce and actually sale their garments.

Below are some of the major items that will be addressed in this course:

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦


Product Refinement

Customer response vital. Designers maybe surprised as to which garments are selected and which are not. The styles that are most requested should be carefully analyzed, critiqued and improved.

Construction and cost should be considered.



Grading is the art of increasing and/or decreasing the base size. The student will learn how CAD software is used to create the size range.

tech pack.png


Technical Packages

Factories must be engaged to actually produce large quantities of product. The "tech pack" is the written and rendered document that is used to accomplish this objective. The student will learn how to use Excel and the Adobe Creative Suite to achieve this.


Order Fulfillment

What happens when the product is ready to ship? This section of the class speaks to the scaling process which looks at quality control and inspection whether done by the factory or out of your garage.

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