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The Work/Study College Consultation Service

Downtown Atlanta

You are moving forward!

Making the best decision for college is an important and costly step in your career. Let VRO help you identify key elements, concerns and benefits of some of the best schools in the country. Schedule a free consultation today to see and hear more!



The Work/Study Program

This is a 3-month program that offers you or your child an opportunity to work in the VRO studio.


Time Management

Students will be allowed to use and update their own time management page to help them understand the importance of meeting deadlines.



VRO celebrates your achievements with you! You will receive a certificate of completion when you are successfully admitted and registered to a college.



Students will be introduced to the major aspects of the industry that colleges and design companies expect.


Campus Visits

You can choose up to (5) colleges in a 3-month period. VRO will accompany you in-person or online.


Documented Follow-up

Parents, guardians and students are kept abreast of all interactions via in-person sessions, email and/or Zoom as well as other video conferencing.

VRO’s Campus Consultation services proved to be a lifeline for me as a parent. Vanessa Favors expertly guided my prospective student through the complex college selection process, providing us with invaluable support. By the time we completed our scheduled services, we were confident that we had selected an undergraduate program that would be pivotal to our success.

Kim Holmes

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