Whether you are new to fashion design, looking for an excellent elective for a young learner or just seeking an opportunity to close learning gaps, admissions at VRO is a simple click and register. There is no need for transcripts or admission fees because you are not required to matriculate.

Consecutive, short courses are intentionally designed to get "to the heart of the fashion interest" and motivate the student's natural talent in seven weeks or less.

The ideal student would be anyone who has a strong passion for fashion but maybe not the time or funds to attend college. For the home-schooler who needs an elective that helps to prepare their child for the fashion industry before they attend high school or college, VRO is ideal.

Get a better idea of the major courses that make the fashion industry work in a stress free environment.

While institutions for higher education are excellent ways to acquire these skills, they also require a base core-curriculum as well as multiple years of enrollment.

VRO Engineered Designs Industry-Specific Educational Program is not a college or university so all of the courses are targeted at fashion only.

The curriculum is structured using defined syllabi, textbooks, tools of the trade, videos, field trips to trade shows when available, midterm and final exams to help ensure learning and success.

All students who successfully complete courses, receive a 

Certificate of Completion.


For more information, email us at admissions.vroengine@gmail.com or call 678-487-3800


Admission Information

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