Sewing 301


Fundamental 301 is a basic sewing class that offers the student two major benefits: (a) A strong understanding of sewing from controlling the machine to (b) essential construction basics to produce beautiful and functional fashion design for apparel and sewn products.

This course also helps occasional sewers improve their skills and connect learning gaps. It is designed to fully equip young and older students with sewing skills through in-class activity, homework and demonstrations.

The student will build a comprehensive notebook of skills learned that can be used in the next classes to further enhance their understanding, natural talent and skill sets. Upon successful completion of this class, the student will be able to make a basic sewn garment.

(14) 2 hour or (7) 4 hour sessions

Portable machine and finished garment required

7 student max per class

Free WIFI 

2021 Winter Classes

Wednesday & Fridays

Class offerings subject to minimum enrollment.

Online class
Ensuring that your hemstitches are even.
Have Fun!
Finished edgestitching
Personalized Instruction
Learn Proven Details
Get Involved!
Learn at Your Own Pace

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