Hand sewing is usually an essential element in finishing a fine garment or sewn product. This kit, unlike many others, combines some of the finer tools for making hand sewing easier. Sharp, high carbon steel thread snips enable close trimming, while an open-top thimble protects fingers with longer nails. Beeswax, fine assorted needles, (7) assorted strands of Silamide, 120" tape measure and a handy magentic LED lamp are the other items in this kit as well as helpful tips and information.

Please indicate your thimble size for the middle finger of your sewing hand.

Elite Hand-sewing Tools & Kit

  • This kit can be returned if it has not been opened for a full return. If it has been opened, the only item that can be exchanged is the thimble if it has not been altered or damaged for a different size within 7 days.

  • This kit is not recommended for children under the age of 13.