Fundamental Sewing 301 is a basic sewing class that teaches the student how to sew and also ensures that learning gaps are connected. Beginners and occasional sewers will follow a structured syllabus that covers all of the major steps in the sewing process. This class also gives each student sewing tips that facilitate in helping to  achieve excellent results. Students will emerge from this class with a thorough understanding and more confidence to tackle their next projects.

Fundamental Sewing 301 (hybrid & online)

  • tems needed:

    • 1 inch (3) ring binder
    • 3 yards of muslin fabric
    • simple to intermediate commercial sewing pattern*
    • scissors
    • double-sided tape
    • pencils
    • black and white all purpose thread
    • portable sewing machine, accessories and manual
    • sewing tools**

    *After a basic diagnostic, students will be given a list of commercial patterns to select for their in-class project. Materials may vary.

    **Students will be given a list of tools needed for class. Please also check the "Supply Room " on the website.

    Recommended Textbook:

    "Reader's Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing"

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